Welcome to Eco Heating Highgate, we assume you require the expert assistance of a Plumber or boiler repair engineer, well you are in the right place and only a phone call away, Eco Heating Highate & Plumbing started off a one man band in Highgate North London, after years of great customer service we have built up to a Gas company covering all of North, Central and Northwest London, Employing some of the best and most experienced plumbers in and around the Chelsea area!

Regardless of being based in Highgate N6, we work in a mobile structure, our highly recommended boiler engineers and plumbers are dotted around the city with plumbers based in Hampstead, Crouch End, Tottenham, and as far down as Kings Cross. Meaning a responsive service you can count on whatever the call. Be it boiler repairs or emergency plumbing situations

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An Aspect you should exercise caution in when deciding what company to phone in a heating failure is boiler repair, There may be a lot of plumbers in Highgate, but are they all experienced and qualified as they could / should be to ensure a swift and hassle free boiler repair in North London. It’s a worrying time, you open you taps and no hot water is flowing. Or maybe you have come home to a cold house, when your heating would usually have come on automatically. With these tell tale signs you need a boiler repair you need to ensure you select the best and most qualified plumbers in Highgate and at a cost effective fee. Eco Heating Highgate do not charge a call out fee just to walk through your door like our competition do, offering great value as well as exceptional qualified plumbers and gas engineers.

An Experienced Team of gas engineers that cover s North London and all kinds of heating and plumbing, and anything related to boilers. you could require a annual boiler service or have a defective Wireless stat. We have you covered. Even plumbing jobs such as leaking pipes, toilets and taps. Get in touch should you require assistance in any plumbing, heating or gas area

Are you Experiencing Issues with an Vaillant Eco Tech Boiler, maybe Ideal, Worcester, Main, Glow Worm or potterton. makes not a lot of difference to Eco Heating Highgate as we cover all boilers. our in house Boiler engineers have a wealth of of experience in all boilers gas or electric

When your boiler Fails, you need to Size up the positives and negatives, the age of the boiler and potential repair costs. Should you need a new boiler, we can certainly help you. Our installation division ensure a seemless boiler installation. You can organise a Free survey by calling our office

Manufacturers recommend you have a boiler serviced annually to increase efficiency and prolong the life of the boiler, you also nip in the bud bigger problems occurring

Has your Boiler Broke Down? Or Plumbing emergency, call Now.


Any type of Plumbing system can come across unusual at times, a system that has been operating perfect for years, all of a sudden begins to leak. even on static parts that don’t move or have motors.  You could have noticed a damp mark on the floor and gone to tighten a nut with a spanner and found the issues turned for the worse, or come back from work to a leaking burst pipe, These emergency plumbing events can cause damage to property and come as a stressful time to us. You need to think quickly and get the problem resolved. Eco Heating Highgate & Plumbing have you covered in any emergency plumbing situation

Without a doubt the Most helpful thing when engaging the services of an emergency plumber is to have a recommendation from a friend of relative perhaps. You have someone to vouch first hand. However this is not always possible or tangible. With Eco Heating Highgate you have the next best thing, and a company that you will go on to recommend as the number one company for emergency plumbing repairs in North London, we have a excellent rating on Google and it shows in our service